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Out from under my rock

2010-08-16 18:17:29 by Kev-Dawg

How long has it been? 8 years since I contributed so much as some text to Newgrounds? I remembered I still had an account here after receiving an email asking me about Electronica. It's incredible that people still care about that after nearly a decade of it gracing the front page for a day and then slipping away to the archives. Even in the past few months I'm still getting PM's asking me when the next one is due, and begging me to continue the series.

So what have I been up to all these past years? Finished high school. Went to college. Graduated from college. Got a job. Lost a job. And a lot of the intervening time has been filled with other endeavors and a LOT of Warhammer 40k. I'm currently holding a degree in Traditional Animation, and two years after graduating with it I still don't know what to do with it. I've developed and nutured new settings and stories that I'm hoping (read: procrastinating) I can build into animations, games, table-top RPG's, whatever.

So what does this mean for Electronica? Well, in all honesty I have no plans or designs on continuing it. Even at the time I had written myself into a corner by the end of the third game, hence the fourth being a prequel. Heck, even the game after that was going to be another prequel. There was a plan at one point, but that was back when I was 16-17 and a very angry, reclusive teenager taking way too many cues from anime, final fantasy, and internet drama. I've matured a lot since then, and I would like to move on to other projects.

If the fancy strikes me, I may make another game or movie for newgrounds, this time grounded in a more stable, consitant universe that draws its influence from a mix of the spirit of the sixties, film noir, and the horrors of the early twentieth century. But do not despair! There will still be plenty of bizarre stuff; I'm just working to make a story with a much stronger foundation than the very shaky, nebulous one Electronica had.

So I'll try to keep posted on any new updates when I remember them. In the meantime, if anyone out there cares to help me get the ball rolling, I could use some help finding music and artists from the audio portal that do music similar to 1960's-70's pyschadelic and regular rock. More details can be found in the audio bbs here -> 90619

Thanks all, and take care!


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2010-10-02 02:34:19

Aw, bummer about Electronica, I really loved the series!, though it's nice to see you are still alive :P. Also, I shall anciously wait for fancy to strike you :D


2010-11-10 11:41:38

Nice to hear you went on and got a degree in animation! (got here from reading through my old reviews) I remember helping you out back in the day coding a thing so you'd be able to have battles with several characters at once... not that you ever got around to using it, I was horrible at coding and must have done a horribly botched up job :) I'd love to see what kind of animations you're doing now, do PM me if you see this message anytime soon.